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Goodbye LJ

This is the first post I've made on LJ in over a year and will be the last one I make here.

I post my fic on AO3.

Any journal posts I make are on DW.

I have let my paid LJ account expire which means I am subject once again to the ads :P

To keep my flist short for browsing I will be "defriending" anyone I already follow on AO3 or DW or elsewhere. Don't take it personally! Additionally, there are some who have moved into other fandoms that I don't participate in - I am sure you won't miss me!

Dreamwidth is free and ad-free; come join us if ever you get sick of LJ!

Aubreyad Fanart Icons

Icons from some of our many talented Aubreyad artists!

Lots of slashy goodness and humour. Nothing too explicit, but not entirely safe for work, either (the last one is a 'stern view' of the boys :-)

Also note that some of the links to the full images from which the icons were taken may contain NSFW images as well. Click at your own risk! :D

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Collection of Sherlock Crack

April may be the cruellest month but November's the most depressing.

Need cheering up? Here's a collection of all the random cracky ficlets and things I have left littered about the Sherlock fandom.
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Brit Speak Cheat Sheet

A language resource for Americans in British fandoms (such as Sherlock :-)

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Writer's Block: Growing pains

What was the biggest lesson learned from your adolescence?

Don't die. Suicide is no fun :P

On a somewhat lighter note, I learned how to be a little more considerate and less selfish. Unfortunately, this process only took effect upon my first being quite selfish and inconsiderate of others, so I have many regrets regarding my interactions with others.

On the other hand, I'm now much more understanding of the self-centeredness, selfishness, and lack of consideration displayed by many adolescents. Been there, done that :-/

Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

I don't 'know' any other languages than English. I do enjoy languages, and etymology - I enjoy recognizing how word in different languages are related.

'Chess' comes from the same root as 'Shah', meaning 'king'.

Coffee: cafe: kaffe: kafa: kava: java: joe

I've studied Spanish (4 years - the only other language I can formulate sentences in :-), Russian (2 years), Welsh (1 college year, in Wales), Chinese (6 weeks :-)

I remember telling my mother when I was 11 or so I wanted to study Welsh. She said, "Hmmm... depends if your school offers it." My high school didn't, surprisingly :-)


sans accent marks, sorry

Sherlock Fic: Triptych

Fandom: Sherlock
Wordcount: 684
Beta: the glorious gloria_scott
Originally written for thegameison_sh

Summary: Memories and regrets at the final moment of The Great Game.
TriptychCollapse )

Poll! Sherlock fic feedback

I know some people don't like to leave comments on fic - don't know what to say, or don't have anything positive to say. So I thought I'd try offering a poll for people who like ticky-boxes better than coming up with a brilliant and helpful comment :-)

If you like reading Sherlock fic, I have one here (gen case!fic) for you. You can respond in the old-fashioned way, of course, or use the simple poll below. Thank you!

Poll #1730862 Case!Fic Feedback

What did you think of the Sherlock Case!fic?

I liked it